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  • Join our team at our new Wailea Taproom + Eatery Location at the Wailea Village!
  • Apply by emailing us a brief description of your professional background, availability. and resume to Please provide the job title for which you are applying in the email subject line.
  • $18-$22/ hour
  • As a dishwasher you will be expected to dress professionally and in a safe manner to best represent yourself and our company. In addition to utilizing and understanding our dish machine operation you will be responsible to monitor chemical levels, maintain the 3 compartment sink, know where chlorine test strips and sanitizer test strips are located. Your primary job will be sanitation of all china, glass, silverware, small wares and large wares. As a secondary function you may be asked to break down boxes, sweep and mop common spaces, support line cooks and chefs in any way. Organization of all clean dishes will be paramount. You will report directly to the Chef, welcome to the team.
  • (wage based on experience/references)
  • Sous chefs are next in line to become Chefs at our current restaurant and/or any of our new locations. Your expectation as a manager of the BOH is to treat all staff, guests and vendors with empathy and respect. Chef’s are solution oriented and constantly minimizing risk to ownership and colleagues. As a sous chef your direct reports will be dishwashers, line cooks and prep cooks. YOu will report directly to the chef, welcome to the team.
  • $12-$17/ hour
  • As a crucial piece to Kohola South, our bartenders will be an additional extension of our Craft/ Premium products, services and culture. In addition to pouring the perfect beer, our Bartenders will need to have knowledge of basic craft cocktails, classic cocktails and the ability to create unique experiences that speak to our guests. Responsible cash handling is an additional job function unique to bartenders. High functioning computer skills, the ability to read small fonts (handhelds), performance under pressure and the utmost integrity are all descriptions of your job and expectations. Your ability to hold a conversation and talk while you “walk” and work will be essential. You will report directly to the Director of Consumer Experience, welcome to the team.
  • $22-$24/ hour
  • As a prep cook your ability to follow verbal directions and/or recipes will be your primary function. You will be expected to put away dairy, protein, produce and dry goods upon delivery. Keeping our kitchen organized and clean will be a vital function of your job. You will need to understand basic and intermediate food production concepts, safety and sanitation, food storage hierarchy, food consolidation protocols and general ingredient handling. You will report directly to the Chef, welcome to the team.
  • (wage based on experience/references)
  • The Chef de Cuisine will be in charge of all kitchen operations and report directly to the VP of operations. The chef de cuisine will be responsible for all food quality, execution of food, ordering and receiving of goods. They will be working directly with the Vice President of Operations to maintain adequate cost of food and cost in allocated labor based on current revenue levels and revenue projections. Basic computer skills are a plus. Your ability to effectively communicate via email, text and face to face with all guests, vendors and staff is imperative. Interfacing with FOH managers and staff are a must and comfort, presentation and presence in the dining room will be expected. Welcome to the team.
  • (wage based on experience/references)
  • A Kohola assistant manager’s primary job is management of staff and all staff relations, customer experience and presence on the floor to best support the overall operation. The AM will report directly to the Director of Consumer Experience. Some of your secondary functionality will be but not limited to; ordering, general cleanliness and organization of our space. FOH aesthetics and presentation of all common/guest areas. Development and implementation of FOH sidework, FOH end of day check outs, high proficiency with POS/Toast system. Welcome to the team!
  • $24-$30/ hour
  • Line cooks that join Kohola Brewery are in a special space to learn fun and exciting flavor and concept combinations, techniques that are classic in theory and highly efficient in execution. Safety and sanitation of all food production areas are primary. Tasting your product whether you’ve produced it or not is a must and the only way to further your growth as a cook and chef. Preservation of product, equipment and our kitchen will be qualities that will be considered during promotions, wage increase and evaluations. Change is constant and being flexible in process, open minded and cool under pressure are attributes we know make great cooks and chefs. You will report directly to the Chef, welcome to the team.
  • $12-$15/ hour
  • Our servers are truly an extension of our products which are; craft & premium. Clean self presentation, clear and concise communication to bartenders, kitchen staff, all managers, guests and ownership will be highly considered. High functioning computer skills, the ability to read small fonts, organization under extreme pressure and self accountability are all descriptions of what your job will entail. All things beer are an important part of your job; production understanding, a proper pour, proper glassware, types, types of hops, etc. You will report directly to the Director of Consumer Experience, welcome to the team.
  • (wage based on experience/references)
  • Your role as our primary floor manager will be to implement staff expectations, manage FOH Schedule, manage revenue generating inventory, mitigate guest concerns and build sustainable guest relationships through care, compassion and empathy. In conjunction with the Director of Consumer experience you will additionally be a secondary set of eyes to monitor retail inventory, operating supplies (guest bathroom supplies, takeout boxes/to go utensils, etc), cleaning supplies, cleanliness of bar and all bar areas. The FOH Manager will need to have an intimate knowledge of Toast POS system, both front and back end, Pro-service (accident reporting, time card adjustments, night cleaners, all beverage suppliers, general knowledge of our lease contract, trash days, landlord and security contacts) You will report directly to the Director of Consumer Experience, welcome to the team.
  • email us at with the following:
  • position applying for in subject line
  • resume
  • availability to start

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