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By koholabrewery 23 Nov, 2017

Salamat Po (Thank You)

From the bottom of our HEARTS, We're extending our BIGGEST THANKS to those who have supported Kohola Brewery on this journey. Kohola's production is expected to more than double from 756 bbls last year to approximately 1700 bbls this year, without you, we would not be here.  We have now grown to 80 draft handles on Maui and 20 on Oahu and Kauai, Thank you to the brew team who spent numerous hours designing recipes, SOP's, countless phone calls, meetings and emails,  brewing double batches, kegging, cleaning kegs, to our distribution partners for delivering kegs, cleaning beer lines, to the sales team, brand reps, to those who sacrificed vacation time, family time, personal time to show up at the brewery, to those who poured at the bar, to the local Chefs who collaborated with our beer dinners, to the beer pairings, to the local musicians, to the non-profit community who helped us raise funds for a good cause, to the local bars, restaurants and resorts who supported our brews and put our beers on tap, to those in the service industry who helped spread the word about our beers, to those in the canoe clubs, fishing clubs, divers clubs, to the food trucks who worked with us, to those who helped with construction, building maintenance and engineering, to our landlord and property manager, to our suppliers who provided us with the CO2, propane, electricity, grains, hops and fruits for our brews, to those who sent their friends our way, to our business partners, to the Maui and Hawaii craft beer community, to the beer media and to all our regulars and fans, to our local community in Lahaina, in Maui and Hawaii. Thank You very much. WE BREW FOR YOU. Next Project: Canning Line Early 2018.

Christine & Ian Elumba


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By koholabrewery 26 Oct, 2017
Our first collaboration was a complete success, our friends from Revision Brewing Company in Sparks, Nevada visited us in the Valley Isle, Maui to brew Owyhee, American Double India Pale Ale. CEO/Co-Founder of Revision Brewing Company, Jeremy Warren and President/Head Brewer Jeb Taylor brewed with Kohola Head Brewer, Rai Johnson, Co-Founders, Christine and Ian Elumba with Justin Lorenzen, with the help of guest brewers, Jenn and Justin Rivera of Nalo Brew of Waimanalo, Oahu. Owyhee, is an American Double IPA. Recipe designed by Justin Brouhard and Jeremy Warren.

Owyhee  or Owhyhee  is an older English spelling of Hawaiʻi , used in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is found in the names of certain locations in the American part of the Pacific Northwest , which were explored and mapped by expeditions whose members included native Hawaiians.
By koholabrewery 09 Oct, 2017
It's official, we have started a beer blog. We believe its going to be fun, entertaining and educational for our beer supporters, to get a "behind the scene" action of what we go thru as a Brewery. It's very complicated and challenging to be a brewery on an island.  A blog is also a great avenue for us to get our message across, to inform you of our latest beers and events and, to truly inform the public what our mission and purpose of opening a brewery. Kohola Brewery, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.
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